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Works Connection YZF Titanium Offset Footpeg Mounts

Jan 19, 2024

Works Connection has new footpeg mounts that are designed to improve cockpit ergonomics on late-model Yamaha YZ250F/YZ450F bikes.

The titanium mounts, which are 30-percent lighter than stock, position the footpegs down by 7mm and back by 5mm. Works Connection says that this difference opens up the rider triangle, making it easier to go from sitting to standing. The mounts work with both stock and aftermarket pegs and, even though they are lower, ground clearance remains the same. Fitments are available for 2010-22 YZ450F and 2010-23 YZ250F (P/N 20-500). MSRP is listed at $349.95.

Here is more information about the new mounts from Works Connection's press release…

The Yamaha YZ250F/YZ450F's are great bikes, but the general consensus is that the cockpit (rider triangle) is a little cramped. The distance from seat to pegs is shorter than other bikes, which requires more effort to transition from sitting to standing. Our Titanium Offset Footpeg Mounts open up the cockpit area by moving the pegs down (-7mm), and back (-5mm). These very calculated measurements open up the cockpit, while still allowing a good feel for the rear brake pedal and shift lever.

The kit consists of (2) Titanium Footpeg Mounts (Left and Right), (2) Titanium Pins, (2) Titanium Washers and (2) Cotter Pins.

We enlisted the help of veteran test rider Kris Keefer to test various different offsets to come up with what he felt was the best setup. The amount to offset the mounts was the ‘key’ to figuring out a better feel, more comfort and a less cramped feel (see video below).

You can use ANY foot peg you prefer with our Footpeg Mounts. Stock (OEM) or Aftermarket.

Another benefit of our Titanium mounts, is that they are 30% lighter than stock mounts.

We paid close attention to ground clearance on the mounts, and even though the mounts are lower, the ground clearance is the same as the stock mounts.

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