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Silca Sicuro Titanium bottle cage

Aug 11, 2023

An elegant, handmade, beautiful bottle cage that is as every bit as expensive as it looks

My, this is a thing of simplicity and beauty. It is gossamer light and extremely expensive. It may not be cheap at £79/$85 but it is, to my eye, utterly gorgeous and very covetable. For such a glamorous object it does the comparatively mundane task of holding a bottle in place very well too. And, since it's made from titanium with a ceramic coating that makes it even more corrosion resistant, it should last many years.

Classic style

Beautifully made

Gossamer light


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The Silca Sicuro Titanium bottle cage is based on a classic design and uses high quality materials to produce a very elegant solution.

The cage is made from 3-2.5 titanium tubing which is laser welded to a titanium boss plate. It is hand made in Indianapolis, USA.

This version, the Black Cerakote Edition, then has a 1 micron thick high-performance ceramic coating applied which is 100 times more abrasion resistant than conventional metal or paint finishes, according to Silca.

It won't chip, break or fade and is claimed to be gentle on bottles, too.

There is 21mm of adjustment up and down the frame from the boss plate. This can allow the perfect placement within smaller frames.

Bottle boss adjustment

Using a full 700ml bidon (790g) I sought out some of the roughest roads local to me to see whether the bottle could be dislodged. Surrey's finest put up a good fight but it held firm. There was a little play side to side but that would be down to the 1.1mm boss plate flexing slightly. Maybe the Silca Titanium cage bolts with their large diameter flanges (available separately from Silca's website) would stiffen the boss plate up and reduce this flexing? Unfortunately I didn't have any to try out, so I used standard M5 bolts and washers that use a 4mm Allen key to tighten then up.

The bottle slid in and out very smoothly with no undue pressure required. I think it's fair to say that the Cerakote finish was in part responsible for this. The bottle was held very snugly in the cage.

The Silca Sicuro Titanium cage weighed a light 30g/35g (manufacturer's/author's measurements). There are other cages that are similarly light such as the Tacx Deva and Topeak Ninja Cage Z yet in the hand it somehow felt lighter. Maybe it's because it's metal or that the diameter of the tubing fools one into thinking it should somehow be heavier. There is obviously some psychological trickery at play...

Whether that's the case or not, what's for certain is that this is a beautiful bottle cage that deserves to be mounted on a much prettier bike than the workmanlike Genesis I've been using as a test mule for bottle cages and other components.

Certainly it's expensive at £79, but for those who want the best components on their best bike, the outlay will be justified.

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Over 40 years cycling in a variety of disciplines including road riding, commuting, a self-supported Land's End to John o' Groats trip, XC mountain biking and several Polaris Challenge two-day events. Adventure, escape and fun are the motivations for my riding. I also love bike and kit design and have fillet brazed a couple of framesets using Reynolds 853 steel tubing for myself. A very satisfying experience to ride your own bespoke bike!

Height: 180cm

Weight: 66kg

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