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Better Bolts adds color

Jan 13, 2024

Better Bolts makes titanium bolt kits for pretty much everything on your mountain bike, from suspension pivots to stem bolts to brake and rotor bolts, even faceplate bolts for some lights, and there are a few worth mentioning. But the standout attheir Sea Otter booth were the custom air valve cover and compression knob kits for Fox forks.

More than just a color swap, the parts are designed to offer functional benefits. The high speed compression adjuster bezel has bigger nubs and grooves to make it easier to turn with full finger gloves.

The air valve cap does more. The cleverly angled ridge intentionally limits purchase when installing it so you can't over tighten it. But the backside is taller and flatter, making it much easier to remove it. They’re available in 10 colors with more coming, and fit 2015 and newer Fox 36/38/40 forks with GRIP2 dampers.

They say that titanium is about half the weight of stainless steel, and stronger (but slightly heavier) than alloy, so it makes the perfect bolt material. Their designs do more than just save a couple grams, they’re designed to improve the part in many cases.

Not shown, the brake pad retention bolt for Hope brakes uses a slightly oversized diameter to better fill the space in the pad clip to prevent it from rattling. It's a small thing, but a nice one, and just one example. It's worth perusing their site to see all the options.

They have a variety of colors available for most bolts, too, helping you match almost anything on your bike.