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Best For Last: Indian Sport Chief Transformed Into A Full

Sep 10, 2023

The final build in Indian's 'Forged' series goes to motocross legend Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg

If you love custom Indian Motorcycles, the bikemaker's ‘Forged’ series must feel like a dream come true. The series comprises three customs based on the new-for-2023 Indian Sport Chief, all built by some big names in the American custom motorcycle scene. Two of these - a scintillating chopper for Norman Reedus and a sexy, shiny example for TJ Dillashaw - came out a few days ago, and now, it's time for the curtain closer build from the motocross legend Carey Hart.

Also the presenter for the series, Hart has dialed the Chief to eleven in all aspects and transformed it into a full-blown power cruiser. The overhaul makes total sense too, considering the build goes to his fellow motocross legend Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg.

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Since Jeremy digs riding hard, one of Carey's key focus with the build was to boost performance. Speaking to Twitch, he said "It's already a great base. The components on the production Sport Chief are great, but for what you’re going to be doing, I’m going to really focus on the chassis, handling, and braking. You’re going to ride the wheels off this thing, so it has to perform. It's not just a trophy bike."

So, to achieve that, the builder has upgraded the Chief's Thunderstroke 116 (1,890cc) V-twin powerhouse with a DynoJet ECU flash and a full-system free-flow exhaust from the talented folks at Bassani. Together, these should promise a considerable boost over the stock 120-pound-feet output of the engine, all of which reaches the wheel via a chain drive (instead of the OEM belt-pulley setup). Not to mention, an earth-shattering exhaust note helps liven the entire experience.

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A similar overhaul has occurred in the underpinnings as well. The Sport Chief bids adieu to its OEM wheels and makes way for five-spoke hoops built by Hart. These wear stickier Dunlop American Elite rubber and house upgraded Brembo/Beringer monoblock calipers (F/R), complete with petal rotors and Galfer brake lines. A closer look also reveals an adjustable billet aluminum swingarm outback, that paves the way for new 13-inch Fox piggyback shocks. Couple this with the 1.5-inch longer upside-down forks at the opposite end, and it's safe to assume the Sport Chief will inspire plenty of confidence when riding in the twisties. It's visibly taller too, so bonus points for the added cornering clearance.

Speaking of riding, the custom Sport Chief promises a revamped experience in the saddle. Credit here goes to the new clamp and riser (from Kraus Motor Co) that sweeps the handlebar toward the rider. This is topped by a sportier custom saddle (from Saddlemen), toothed footrests, and knurled brake/gear levers, all creating a more commanding riding triangle. Once atop, you’ll also appreciate the motocross-inspired grips and the knurled fuel lid. No changes have been made to the Bluetooth-enabled TFT instrument cluster, though.

Of course, the build won't be complete without some bespoke paintwork, and Carey has made sure this is exquisite as ever. So the Sport Chief dons a gorgeous, glittery finish, replete with unique textures, that extends to all body panels - fenders, side panels, front mask, windscreen, engine cover, cam cover, and air filter cover. Plus, the closer you look, the more hypnotic it gets, and we particularly dig the nerve-like graphic on the knee indents of the custom tank.

What's more impressive is the attention to detail, thanks to ultra-sleek Rizoma LED turn signals (front and rear), a swingarm-mounted plate holder, and a gold chain. All these, together with the plethora of anodized titanium bolts, ensure sky-high levels of charm to create an unmatched aesthetic. The multi-projector, all-LED headlight remains as it is, however.

With the ‘Forged’ series wrapped up, it's safe to say Indian Motorcycles USA has greeted us with three cracking creations. Out of the three, we think Carey Hart's iteration is the best one, courtesy of the plethora of performance mods on offer. Upgraded brakes, suspension, and the engine will all make this a ripper in the streets, especially when someone like Jeremy "Twitch" hops aboard it. Don't get us wrong, we were thoroughly impressed with the other projects too, but this one just feels a tad extra special. Nevertheless, do comment below to tell us your favorite ‘Forged’ Sport Chief and why you dig it. We’ll be waiting to hear from you!

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