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5DEV Titanium 104 BCD Chainrings Bring Made

Mar 09, 2023

The new Made-in-USA 5DEV Titanium Chainrings are said to last 3x longer than equivalent aluminum chainrings, which would certainly have to be the case given the $149.99 USD price tag. Available in a 104 BCD format only, the 5DEV Ti Chainrings are compatible with 4-bolt 104 BCD Spiders, eBikes, and the OChain Active Spider.

Indeed, that is the as-of-yet unreleased externally adjustable OChain bolted to the 5DEV Titanium Chainring, a piece we spotted on Loris Revelli's Canyon Sender last year. We hope to have more details on that to follow. In the meantime, here's some seriously lightweight eye-candy for your ride.

The 5Dev Titanium 104 BCD Chainrings are 5-axis CNC machined from 6Al4V7 in San Diego, California. Compatible with 7, 11, and 12 Speed SRAM or Shimano chains, there is a 34T and a 36T option, the former with a claimed weight of just 48g.

Interestingly enough, 5DEV is the bicycle-arm of a company called 5thAxis. As such, the same machines producing the aforementioned chainrings are also used to produce medical implants, and components for NASA and SpaceX. Bear that in mind next time you break your collarbone.

The 5DEV Titanium 104 BCD Chainrings are available in Bronze, Raw, Teal and Purple, each retailing at $149.99 USD. Apparently, the unique colors are richer and deeper than aluminum; the teal has hues of both blue and green and the bronze has slight hues of purple.