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2023 Ducati Panigale V4R in Malaysia, RM458,900

Jun 04, 2023

In Bikes, Ducati, Local Bike News / By Mohan K Ramanujam / 30 May 2023 8:48 am / 11 comments

A road racing tour de force, the 2023 Ducati Panigale V4R is now in Malaysia, priced at RM458,900. Launched at the new Ducati KL showroom the Panigale V4R joins the Panigale V4 base model and the Panigale V4S, priced at RM159,900 and RM199,900, respectively.

Peak power for the Panigale V4R is now 240.5 hp in full race setup when using the race track only exhaust. In road mode, the new 998 cc Desmosedici Stradale R V-four gets a redline of 16,500 rpm in sixth gear (16,000 in other ratios provided in the race kit) and delivers 218 hp at 15,500 rpm while remaining Euro 5 complaint.

Ducati's racing technology is sued in the Panigale V4R, with "gun drilled" titanium connecting rods – a first ever for road-going motorcycles – taking a leaf from the armaments industry with a 1.6 mm diameter oil gallery in the rod. The hole runs the length of the rod, allowing passage of oil from the head to the small end, thereby improving lubrication and reliability.

Pistons are now five grammes lighter, a 2% reduction in weight from previous, reducing inertia and increasing engine speed. Intake cams get 1 mm greater lift which is combined with 5 mm shorter, variable length, intake trumpets. This improves breathing at high revs and increases maximum power when the Panigale V4R is fitted with the racing exhaust.

More weight reduction is found in the dry clutch assembly, lighter by 800 grams. This is achieved by making the clutch assembly smaller by 24 mm in both diameter and axial length.

The aerodynamics package is more efficient with new two-element wings – main and flap – giving the same aerodynamic load, but in a compact and thinner form with size reduced by 40% and 50%, respectively. The extractors in the lower fairing has been modified and complies with the WSBK regulations while on the left side, an air intake cools the quickshifter sensor.

Fhe forks and monoshock remain mechanically adjustable with the front Ohlins NPX25/30 fork getting 5 mm more travel. The rear TTX36 shock absorber gets hydraulic preload adjustment and goes from 312 to 316 mm centre distance, with 4 mm more travel while adjusting the swingarm pivot to the +1 position increases rear height by 20 mm.

17-litres of fuel is carried in the tank and maintains the raw, brushed aluminium finish of the ‘R’ Panigale motorcycles. For track use, the Panigale V4R gets expanded power modes and a new "Track Evo" display on the dashboard. Each gear gets specific engine mapping with revised Full, High, Medium and Low power delivery modes and the new throttle control is 50% smaller with radial and axial clearances reduced.

For racetrack use only, there is the optional Ducati Performance DTC EVO 3 software which allows fitment of slick and rain tyres. This activates a flashing rear light, as required by racing regulations in case of rain, and replaces the Street Riding Mode with Rain Mode as well as adding a Pit Speed Limiter.

Adding the full Akrapovic titanium exhaust reduces weight by 5 kg and comes with dedicated mapping for racetrack use only, affecting the traction, power, wheelie and riding modes and ups power to 237 hp. Weight saving is also seen in the magnesium wheels which reduce weight by 700 grams over the stock lightweight forged aluminium items.

A full set of performance accessories is available from the Ducati Performance catalogue, including racing footpegs, Pit Stop accessory package with tyre warmers and stands, and carbon-fibre bodywork including brake cooling ducts. In Malaysia, the 2019 Ducati Panigale V4R was priced at RM299,000.