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This Custom Ducati 1098 Is More Seductive Than Your Favorite Super Models

Aug 18, 2023

The edgy fuel tank comes from the Sport Classic GT1000 while the livery is inspired by the 1979 900SS

The world of custom motorcycles is full of Harley-Davidsons and Royal Enfields. Their simple nature makes them easy to take apart, overhaul, and put together. What you rarely see, though, are customs based on Ducatis since only a few folks possess the talent, time, and patience to dazzle them up. But the greater the work, the better the reward, and this is exactly what the ‘Unica Ferreti’ proves. It's a seductive custom Ducati 1098, built by automotive aficionado (NYC resident) Ronaldo Ferreti after two years of hard work and umpteenth patience. All of which shows the moment you take a glance at it.

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Ronaldo's love affair with Ducati started with a 2006 Monster S2R, finished in tangerine red. From there, he owned nine other motorcycles before stumbling upon the idea to create a an exquisite masterpiece by himself and for himself. That's when he brought home one of the finest sports bikes in the bikemaker's lineup, a 2007 Ducati 1098.

When it debuted, the 1098 was the most powerful V-twin motorcycle and promised swift riding dynamics like no other. All this also helped the 1098 bag multiple WSBK titles, which only made it more iconic for Ducati. Enough history, though, let's come to the build.

With the motorcycle sorted and plan in mind, Ferreti rented a community garage where he took apart the 1098 for some tender affection, as you should do with upwards of a decade-old machine. All components - from the engine gaskets to the bearings - were swapped with OEM components sourced from Ducati NYC, followed by a complete rebuild of the Showa upside-down forks and Ohlins monoshock. The Brembo calipers up top feature a similar treatment, in addition to new brake lines. And once all this wrapped up, the Ducati received truckloads of custom components.

Diving right in, the subframe is an all-new unit that joins the front trellis by four screws and paves the way for a custom monoposto saddle. This is topped by a 70s-inspired tailpiece that not only rounds off the tushy but also doubles up as a storage space. Right ahead of the seat lies a new fuel tank borrowed from the Ducati Sport Classic GT1000, complete with a quick-release fuel lid and a steel plate underneath to hide all the wires. At the front, the 1098 ditches its edgy bodywork and headlights in favor of a classic, curvy half-fairing. This, together with the transparent windscreen (inspired by old-school cafe racers), and an all-LED headlight (with integrated turn signals), creates a retro yet unique fascia.

Besides these, there's a bevy of performance mods too. The 1098cc, twin-cylinder engine has received a shot in the arm, courtesy of an ECU flash (done by Ducati NYC) and a custom free-flow exhaust. This is topped by a dry clutch, aftermarket intake, and a new radiator, all of which amount to a 190mph top speed (claimed). What further helps its case is the set of BST Carbon Fiber wheels to shave some pounds.

Finally, let's talk aesthetics. The inspiration here comes from the 1979 Ducati 900SS’ black-gold livery, so the spruced-up 1098 flexes a simple gloss black base coat, but accentuated by hand-painted gold pinstripes all around. This dual-tone theme extends to the engine bay too, as the front trellis is gold while the powerhouse is black.

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Meanwhile, the package comes to a close with a unique bronze texture on the carbon wheels, golden screws, a handful of red fasteners, and our favorite touch, hand signatures from Ronaldo's mother. Oh, and since we’re talking details, you should also know the motorcycle's cockpit comprises carbon fiber hand levers and race-inspired switchgear, complete with keyless ignition and sleek LED turn signals.

Considering the time and effort put in by Ronaldo, you’d expect him to keep this to himself. But that's not the case, as the "Unica Ferreti" (as named by its maker) is up for grabs. Speaking to us exclusively, the maker expects upwards of $55,000 price for this beast, which seems pretty valid for such a special motorcycle. If you can afford it, we suggest you get in touch with him soon, because it's not long until Ferreti makes a public announcement and others flood up his DMs.

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