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Mosaic Updates the RT

Mar 12, 2023

Mosaic is taking on all the roads, updating its RT-1 with a sleeker design, a more capable geometry, and larger tire clearance. This new Mosaic RT-1 ITR is made for the roads we ride, the dirt ones we explore, and out of a timeless material — titanium.

Like all Mosaic bikes, the RT-1 ITR (Integrated Thick Road) is entirely made to order, and it's crafted from custom T3A/2.5V double-butted titanium tube sets. Mosaic calls its T3A/2.5V tubes "a particular blend and rider-specific selection of double-butted titanium." Mosaic can customize tubes depending on the rider's fit requirements, ride preferences, and build configuration.

The new Mosaic RT-1 ITR can fit up to 35mm tires (more on that later), but they feel the sweet spot is right around 32mm — and we tend to agree. It's the right mix of plushness without adding significant handling differences from a traditional road machine.

Mosaic and ENVE components always look nice when paired together. It's something about the grey matte titanium frame and sleek polished carbon.

The new RT-1 ITR employs ENVE's integrated bar, stem, headset, and road fork. The result is a super clean, sleek-looking front end, keeping the RT-1 ITR modern and clutter-free.

The geo listed is the "standard geometry," but the Mosaic RT-1 ITR is inclusive of custom geometry and a complete choice of Mosaic Finishwork is available at the customer's request.

Mosaic takes its frames very seriously and wants to ensure everyone is on the same page with tire compatibility. Now, with ultra-wide (30mm, I’m looking at you) gravel rims, tires that are marked one size, can balloon up to another, and not fit your frame. Mosaic states the new RT-1 ITR will fit tires up to 34-35mm tires (actual width).

Mosaic states: "We anticipate that there will be several 34-35mm tires that, depending on the rim they’re paired with, will not work with the RT-1 ITR, as their actual width measures far over 35mm. If you’re curious about the tires we’ve tried and the ones we’ve landed upon as favorites, please don't hesitate to reach out. We would be happy to provide a recommendation."

So if you’re second-guessing the tires on your favorite wheelset, or just wanna make sure you’re getting the most from your frame, contact Mosaic. Chances are, if you’re purchasing one of these frames, you’ll be in talks with them already.

When I first received the Mosaic RT-1 ITR, I was excited. I see many carbon frames and race-only focused equipment, which this bike transcends. The timeless titanium ride and the visible craftsmanship make this bike something more.

The build is apt for the frameset; ENVE cockpit, Shimano Dura-Ace 12 Di2 groupset (compact chainset) paired with HUNT 48 Limitless wheels w/ CeramicSpeed Bearings. The wheels are paired with WTB Expanse tires, just enough to get on dirt roads and feel confident.

Though my ride time on the RT-1 ITR has been brief, the impressions are strong. The first sensation of getting the RT-1 ITR on the open road is the unmistakable titanium resonance. As I said, I ride many carbon bikes, so being out on a ti-frame is a nice change of pace.

Pushing power on the pedals, the RT-1 ITR offers the response of a road race bike, and the component assortment helps it excel. The 32mm WTB tires are enough to ride worry-free through unpaved roads and smooth enough to sing on the tarmac.

Designed to have the same intuitive steering response as Mosaics’ RT-1d, the RT-1 ITR has a snappy ride and is punchy when called to move.

The bike's front end has to be my favorite bit so far. It is clean but has the classic ti-frame look that stands out from the carbon crowd. The matching fork is an excellent touch that can easily be overlooked, but it's hard to miss the quality when installing the front wheel.

On the road, the bike feels like a more elegant machine than something "all-road." The geometry and tucked-in rear give the RT-1 ITR a quick feel in the corners, and it moves over the road gracefully.

I appreciate the thin seat stays; combined with the 32mm tires, they soak up a decent amount of road chatter. Though the 48mm deep HUNT wheels are stiff enough to prove this frame can still throw down an effort.

We look forward to more time on the Mosiac RT-1 ITR this spring and will report back with a full review. Until then, check out the full details and ordering information on

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