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Diamond Pistons' Toyota 3UR

Jun 06, 2023

Diamond has the ultimate upgrade for your 3UR-FE engine with the Toyota 3UR-FE Piston Kits. In 2007, Toyota introduced the newest member to the UR engine family, the 3UR-FE. Coming in at 5.7L, this immediately made the 3UR-FE the largest V8 Toyota had on the market, and it didn't take long for the engine to cement its legacy. Additionally, an optional TRD supercharger was made available to the public from the factory pushing this workhorse to the next level.

Among the features of Diamond's piston kits for the Toyota 3UR-FE are 3D milling on piston crowns for ready to install finish, oversized valve pockets for larger than stock valve sizes, offset pins for quiet operation, moly skirt coating for friction loss and skirt wear protection, 2618 material for high HP-NOS-Boost applications, a premium 1.2mm x 1.2mm x 3.0mm ring package, and premium 4130.180W wrist pins.

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